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Our Philosophy

At Metamorphosis, we believe your best is yet to come.  And whatever change you seek, we will be present to support you through it.

Our Commitment

Our MISSION is to provide a safe, nurturing environment in which patients may access personalized therapies delivered at the highest standard of care, enabling them to heal and transform into their full potential for wellness.

Our GOAL is to ensure every person who walks through the door knows he or she is seen, heard, and valued.

Our PURPOSE is to do Good in the world, to increase happiness and ease suffering via delivering excellent care within our specialized therapies and extending other help and resources as may be responsibly provided.

Our VALUES are demonstrated to the extent our actions align with Love, Presence, Peace, Communion, Harmony, Beauty, Truth, and Freedom.

The STANDARDS by which we hold ourselves, that enable us the best opportunity to achieve the above, include rigorous honesty, radical self-responsibility, daring self- and interpersonal accountability, and graceful humility demonstrated by deep gratitude and generosity of Spirit. 


Quotes from our dear patients:

"Dr. V was instrumental in assisting me moving forward through transition and on to the business of living an authentic life. I am forever grateful."

"Dr. V takes her time to listen to your needs and and has a gentle hand. Her office is very warm and welcoming."

"Top of the line Dr. and staff go no where else!"

"Dr. V embodies every quality I could hope for in a doctor - smart, very capable, loving, and compassionate. I absolutely couldn't be happier being in her care."

"Dr. V and her staff make me feel so loved and welcome. Dr. V and the Transitions clinic are the examples that any doctor and clinic should aspire to be."