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Metamorphosis Transgender Clinic 

We are a premiere medical practice dedicated to serving transgender and non-binary individuals with knowledge, compassion, and care.    

Metamorphosis Medical Center and Dr. Kristen Vierregger are dedicated to improving the overall health and well-being of members of the transgender/enby community by providing medically-supervised hormone therapy in an atmosphere that is compassionate, safe, and understanding.

You will feel like you have a concierge doctor who knows you and is highly qualified. Imagine spending an hour with your doctor so both of you have a thorough understanding of your treatment, both medically and personally. Truly a remarkable sense of care.  

You will be confident that you are receiving the best care and best medicine available for gender transitioning. We can customize your hormone experience to reach the levels you desire. We understand that not everyone has the same goal or endpoint in their transition. Everyone is unique. 

In the area of gender transitioning and hormone therapy, where myth and ignorance sometimes exceeds knowledge within the medical community, Dr. Vierregger provides expert, professional, and empathetic hormone therapy. She really listens to your needs. Appointments are available in a timely manner, with no long delays starting your treatment, or frustrating wait time in the doctor's office. We also offer telemedicine visits for our out-of-state patients and those who live at a distance from Buena Park.

We do our best to facilitate your needs, so schedule your appointment to can begin - or continue - your journey. 

We at Metamorphosis Medical Center understand that transitioning is much more than a physical or superficial journey; transitioning is a rebirth of an individual long buried under the layers of self or society’s imposed expectations. Like all births, it can be long, difficult, and full of doubts at times, but we can help facilitate the joy and expectation of a new life, a new beginning, a “Metamorphosis.”

Telemedicine Available for long distance and out-of-state patients!

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